How to soundproof a Room in 5 Steps

How to soundproof a Room in 5 Steps

If you are living in an environment where sound is the main source of your irritation then a thought of changing your living place might have crossed your mind. But sometimes when we are living in a place for a while we get accustomed of it and get attached to it at such an intensity that leaving such place becomes a heartbreaking situation. In such cases you might come across a term well known and popular nowadays which is soundproof room.

Some people think it is a myth and their exist no such thing like soundproofing but let us clear you that it is not a myth but a true thing. You can soundproof your house easily by the help of some products that too at a very affordable price and moreover by yourself alone. You won’t be needing to change your place or living style but change some of the products of your home. You can rely on these soundproofing product as they are the products which are used in studios also.

You may also have knowledge about soundproofing from movies and concert halls. Some hotels also provide the facility of soundproofing and thus by such examples you can relax on the genuineness of the  products. These products replaces some of your things of your room like curtains and wallpapers. They are made of such quality material which licks the sound coming from both inside and outside thus making your room soundproof. These products can be bought online and can be applied by the buyer itself thus there is no need of any professional’s hands in the use of these products.

Now the question arises what are the products which can  be used to make your home soundproof. The answer to the question is very simple and can be given as follows.

Best ways to to soundproof a room

There are many ways by which you can make your house soundproof some of them are

Soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtains
Soundproof curtains

Believe it or not but there are products like this out in the market. They might look like normal curtains but actually they are not. These are two layered blackout curtains which are thick enough to cover your windows thus reducing the sound coming from outside. You can easily rely on them in terms of privacy also because they are made of such thick quality material that not even the sun rays can penetrate them. They are easily washable and can be re-instated easily by anyone. And if you think that these soundproof curtains will not match with your living space then let us tell you that these are available in many colors. Due to there unique design they also look outstanding and thus increase the looks of your house. These types of products are mostly imported products and are made of 100% polyester.

Soundproof door pads

These are door pads which when applied fill up the voids and makes sure that their is no gap from which sound can pass. They are mostly put bellow, side and on the top of the door. But there is a little bit of issue with these.  Every time you open and close the door you will have to re-install them. Due to opening and closing of the door the pads lifts up and moves out of place thus you need to push them back to the position again. If you see any crack opening in the soundproof door pads then you have to push them downwards to make sure there is no crack visible. This product not only checks sound but also the heat loss. They are made of polyester wool which is a great insulator of heat thus you can save money on maintaining the temperature inside. These pads are easy to use and can be used by anyone and anywhere you want.

Brick pattern wallpaper

By using these wallpapers you can check sound easily. Moreover this wallpaper look so good that it will enhance the beauty of your place. The wallpaper is made of thick foam yet durable and family friendly product. They are sound insulated and are also waterproof thus no worries if it gets dirty all you need to do is wipe it of with water and  get back your brick pattern wallpaper as new as before. It is an easy installation wallpaper which can be pealed off and applied. You can get your walls a new look moreover you can repair your broken walls with the help of this perfect wallpaper. This wallpaper gives your wall a 3D look thus increasing the beauty of the wall it is applied on.

Soundproof panels

If you want to soundproof your office or studio then you can  easily apply these panels on the wall. Due to their unique design they cut out the sound from your room and don’t let any of the sound penetrate form your room. Each tile is thick enough to absorb the sound and you can totally rely on this product.

Sealing the door with weather stripping door kit

By the help of this product you can seal the door to make it sound proof and water proof. These strips are made of such material that they won’t get affected by harsh weather outside your room. All you need to do is measure your door and cut the strips to the length of the door and apply it. You can take it out and apply again if there is any mistake in applying so. This not only keeps the sound covered but also stops the incoming of bugs and dust. Moreover it is equipped with adhesive so you need not use any type of glue to stick them.

By using the above methods you can easily make your living place soundproof at an affordable price. Now you won’t need to change your place to avoid noise all you need to do is try the above methods to make it soundproof.

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